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Fresh In Blue is a Unique consulting company focusing in analysing technology products and food related concepts. We mainly specialise in developing SMEs with distinctive technology and or products of high quality positioning. In other words, we can help your business grow faster and with better Year on Year results.

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Fresh Ideas In Blue Ocean Markets

For any type of business in the food industry

FreshInBlue is a Unique consulting company focusing in the development and growth of food products and food related technologies and concepts. In addition, we support the scale up of products and technologies in the retail and convenience “space” all over the globe. We mainly specialise in developing SMEs with distinctive technology and or products of high quality positioning.

Despite other consulting companies we are matching demand and supply profiles, working in product and market fit. In many cases we offer our services in analysing the potential of new technologies in the sector and disruptive trends in the industry, working with key partners all over the world and trend setters.

Our team has more than 25 years of experience in various sectors and industries, always cooperating with key players and unique suppliers. For instance, in the fish industry, we have an extensive network of partners and we are developing the businesses of  3 of the major players in Sea Bass and Sea Bream. We work together with our clients in structuring specialised pricing strategies for growth and value creation. You can view more about the products we distribute through our partnerships in our services.

How to grow your business with us, keep reading.

FreshInBlue, as a vehicle, was founded in 2018 as a consultancy and services company.

The FreshInBlue not only constitutes a “bridge” between companies and customers through which they transact orders, contracts, agreements and promotions, but mainly offers a series of services aimed at adapting a “Blue Oceans” philosophy and mindset. Our partners and customers are challenged to start working in a growth mindset approach that enables them to face increasingly more demanding markets and competitive landscapes, creating substantial value

Our team is dedicated to business growth and transformation. In FreshInblue we are aware that any long term growth activity has a transformation dimension too.  In the first stages of our consulting activity we analyse the attributes and characteristics of the customer in various areas,

  • certifications,
  • image / branding,
  • internal staff training,
  • document management,
  • process automation
  • pricing,

Then we agree and design with our customers the transformation path to follow, which can be concentrated on the commercial-sales sector, or be more general, including strategic aspects and value added processes and business automation.

In addition, with the constant support in pricing and differentiation tools, in the areas of expertise, we are able to coordinate marketing strategies in the best way, exploiting the “know how” and achieving high value creation.

With our knowledge of the markets we have identified critical patterns in various sales channels. For instance, we have created automated tactics in attacking  the various supply chain players in the HORECA domain, medium, small, wholesalers or large retailers.  Thanks to these patterns and tactics we are able to select, with particular care, our commercial partners promoting their products, guaranteeing their import and export and distribution through customers directly selected and managed by us.

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Limassol, Cyprus