We have a variety of Fresh services and Blue Ocean strategies

Exclusive Products

Our Fish Products

Our partnerships with some of the best fish distributors has enabled us to promote a variety of the best fish for SMEs and serve clients in the EMEA area.

Small Size Fish

Sea Bass, Sea Bream, Various

Medium Size Fish

Sea Bass, Sea Bream, Meagre

Free Range Fish

Big Variety of wild catch. High quality fish and reliable providers

Customer Selections

on the national markets with periodic visits

Study of the market

and research of the peculiarities that allow the creation of the ‘added value’.

Targeted product offer

in unexplored, also known as blue ocean markets.

Order management

including organized in-out flow control.

R & D

Research and development of new products.

Win-Win policy

for a mutual and satisfying collaboration.

Why Choose



Design Thinking

Observing the target markets and customers. Understanding real needs and hidden opportunities of value creation

10x Growth

Growth is a strategic decision. We align all effort and resources to achieve in a long term and value creation way.

Transformation Journey

Business development and disrupting the way we do business enable us in a transformation Journey. We design the transformation together.

Develop the right question

Every case is different. We analyse together the territory and decide on what is critical for success, ling term. We develop the right questions and criteria together

Different Domains. Rich Experience!

We have developed many different businesses, thus we are exposed in various approaches and business models. We have tried tools and tactics in micro scale, observing and analysing outcomes and marketing reactions. Fail small leads to success!

Creation of Sales Network

Our Network is present in different domains all over the globe! This is a unique asset. Available to our customers/partners

Products & Services That Help Our Clients Grow

  • Analysing new food trends and technologies.
  • Consulting on the development of new product forms and portfolios, for instance ready to cook and ready to eat fresh and frozen sea food.
  • Deep dive in new processing techniques and Value added offering.
  • Efficiency analysis of new production methods and practices.
  • Consulting on scale up strategies and business development.
  • Strategic marketing and promotional activities for SMEs.
  • Business Networking and “Connecting” initiatives.
  • Agency services for business and sales development.
  • Digital Marketing strategies and practises.
  • Social media development and consulting with our partners and key network.

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